Weak Current Project of New Headquarters of Zhejiang Fenglong Electric Co., Ltd


In order to improve the weak current infrastructure of the company's new headquarters, the company adopted the method of invitation to bid for the weak current project of the new headquarters of Zhejiang Fenglong Electric Co., Ltd.

The weak current project of the new headquarters includes network generic cabling, video monitoring system, conference video audio system, office voice system, access control and attendance system, wireless coverage system, machine room construction and equipment installation.

The bidding scope includes the installation, integration, commissioning, acceptance, training and after-sales service of the network equipment of the complex building and canteen, as well as all the construction contents and works mentioned and reflected in the scope described in this bidding document, the supplementary bidding document, the bill of quantities, the construction drawings and the engineering specifications, as well as the subsequent design changes Supplement all construction contents and works mentioned and reflected in the contract documents and project construction drawings.

After internal negotiation with several suppliers and comprehensive consideration of the strength of the suppliers, the feasibility of the project scheme and the cost performance ratio of the equipment, it is finally determined that the bid winner of the project is China Mobile Construction Co., Ltd. Shaoxing Branch, with the bid winning amount of RMB one million three hundred eighty-one thousand four hundred and sixty only (in figures: 1381460 yuan).

It is hereby announced!


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