The Party branch of Fenglong held the party history propaganda of "revisiting the Communist Manifesto • celebrating the centennial of the founding of the Party


100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC

Revisiting the Communist Manifesto

Celebrating the centennial of the founding of the Party


      On the afternoon of June 18, the "light of truth and source of faith" - the propaganda activity of the Communist Manifesto and the great practice of the Sinicization of Marxism with the theme of "revisiting the Communist Manifesto · celebrating the centenary of the founding of the party" was held in Fenglong branch. Action is the best inheritance. Reviewing the Communist Manifesto is not only to review history, cherish martyrs, respect heroes and revisit the power of faith, but also to inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Manifesto, feel the original mission from learning party history, understand the responsibility from learning Party history, taking the responsibility and perform the responsibility, and highlight the responsibility in "learning history and practice", so as to better promote the higher quality development of Fenglong.


Special lecture on learning and education of Party History


     Comrade Xu Weijun, member of the Centennial Party History study and education propaganda group of the district Party committee and head of the discipline inspection team of the publicity department dispatched by the district Discipline Inspection Commission, gave a special lecture on Party history study and education. With the theme of "revisiting the Communist Manifesto · celebrating the centenary of the founding of the party", focusing on "the light of truth and the source of faith" - the Communist Manifesto and the great practice of Sinicization of Marxism, he deeply analyzed the historical background of the Communist Manifesto from three aspects: the birth of the Communist Manifesto, the influence of the Communist Manifesto on China, the story of the Communist Manifesto in Shangyu and its influence on Shangyu The main content and practical value, as well as the impact of the Communist Manifesto on the world, China and Shangyu, and expounds the profound connotation of the principle of Marxist system and its great contribution to the development of human society.


      The propaganda report has a clear theme, prominent focus, clear context and eloquence, and the content is exciting and inspiring. With listening to the report, we have not only enriched our knowledge, broadened our horizons, enlightened our thoughts and increased our motivation, but also that we can constantly draw the power of thought from the study of party history, the power of faith from the study of party history, the power of morality from the study of Party History and the power of practice from the study of party history.



      Dong Jiangang, chairman, general manager and branch secretary of the company, stressed: in the next step, we should take the study and education of party history as a major political task, pay attention to learning in daily and regularly, constantly absorb the power of truth, practical wisdom and rich nutrition contained in Party History, earnestly forge the soul of loyalty, repair the way to success, unite our efforts and cultivate clean spirit, Inspired by the great charm of party history, Party members and cadres of the company strive to move forward in striving to be the pioneer of safety production, innovation and efficiency, quality and efficiency improvement, management improvement and reform, so as to make new contributions to the construction of Fenglong first-class enterprises to a new level.

Party members celebrate their political birthday



      The meeting also held the activity of "Celebrating political birthdays for Party members before July 1". The "political birthday" was celebrated for Party members in the form of "giving political birthday cards, books and saying a word to the party". Celebrating the "political birthday" for Party members aims to bear the mission in the early Ming Dynasty, practice their commitment to faith with practical actions, and guide Party members to become pioneers in the new journey of promoting the high-quality development of the company.



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